Simpact Cyan - 1.0.0 (development version)

This document is the reference documentation for the Simpact Cyan program, the C++ version of the Simpact family of programs. The program is most easily controlled through either the Python or R bindings, using the pysimpactcyan module and RSimpactCyan package respectively; the way to use them is described below. The Python bindings are included in the Simpact Cyan package, the R bindings need to be installed separately from within R.

Quick getting started and troubleshooting instructions for R users can be found in the RSimpactCyan github repository.

Apart from this document, there exists some additional documentation as well:

The development source code of the binaries can be found on GitHub. The Simpact Cyan installers, as well as source code packages for the program, can be found in the ‘programs’. directory. If you’re using MS-Windows, you’ll need to install the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable package as well (use the x86 version) to be able to use the installed version.

In case you’re interested in running simulations from R, you’ll need to have a working Python version installed as well. For MS-Windows this is typically not installed by default; when installing this it’s best to use the default directory (e.g. C:\Python27 or C:\Python34).

MaxART documentation

The configuration for running MaxART specific simulations is very similar to the core Simpact Cyan features. The things that are different are described in the MaxART documentation.

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